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for information on purchases of Cubics Currency

Cubic Power Blocks cost $25 each.
A single Cubic Power Block (CPB) contains 16,891 kilowatts or Cubic Power Cubes at the current discount of 99% points.
25 Cubic Currencies are attached to each CPB.
A 99% point discount means that a kilowatt hour at the current rate of $.147 per kwh is now $.00148.
Cubic Power Blocks are equivalent to a utility and provide a product/service in the form of kilowatt hours of energy for future use in energy technologies identified on this web site.
The resale rate per kilowatt hour worldwide ranges from a retail rate of 3 cents to 99 cents.
At the U.S. average rate of 14.7 cents per kwh, a resale of an entire CPB may yield $2,483.
Resale payments are linked to a network of decentralized (at the site of need) solar energy machines electron storage devices and a combustion engine technology and capture roughly 1 to 5% of the efficiency cost savings.
Holders of Cubic Power Cubes can receive payments and electricity power services in combination.
Holders will be able to cash in the Cubic Power Cubes starting February 2020.
Holders can sell, transfer or barter their Cubic Power Blocks once the system is in place which will be Fall 2018.