All of the Cubic Power Blocks are transferable from nation to nation.  For example in 

Cubic Currency’s platform is simple.  If for example you have $1,000 in crypto currency purchases of any kind whether it be Bitcoin, Litecoin Ripple, etc., a 100% investment hedge policy will be 25% of your desired coverage amount.  Thus your premium payment is  $1,000 x 25% = $250.  Unlike traditional insurance where you must pay a premium each month and renew year after year, the Crypto Currency Insurance Hedge Trust only requires a one time premium payment.  Your premium payment is then converted into Cubics.  Because a Cubic is equal to 1 U.S. dollar, a $1,000 policy will provide you with 1,000 Cubics.  Because Cubics are Crypto Currency in an of itself it serves the three purposes of being:

1. a currency in which goods and services can be bought and sold,
2.  an insurance hedging asset that protects your purchase of any crypto currency, and
3.  an energy production key that allows key holders the ability to use, buy or sell Cubics for electricity generation at a greater (or lower) value.

The insurance guarantees are predicated on three energy technologies developed by our affiliate fund, Coalesce Point.  The first technology is the Fluxcell and is an innovative solar machine that is designed to extract 3,000 watts out of a square foot of sunlight instead of the scientific limit of 97.5 watts of which only 22 watts is currently being extracted by today’s solar cells.  The second technology is the Quantum Capacitor and is an innovative electron storage device that provides over 3,500 square feet of electrode surface area within the volume of a AA battery as opposed to less than 1 square foot with a traditional capacitor.  The third technology is a multi-fuel combustion engine technology that was originally developed to provide lift for the “Flying Car” or VTOLs (Vertical Takeoff and Lift) aircraft and also can be used for constant, backup and portable power for buildings, houses, hybrid vehicles, hybrid boats, etc.